my Hit The Deck 2014 :D


Eva Plays Dead

Dinosaur Pile-Up
(Hawthorne Heights)


The Front Bottoms
Pulled Apart By Horses
Saves The Day
Brand New

The bands in (brackets) are one’s that I’ll only catch partial sets of due to semi-clashes and the bands in bold are my ‘essentials’.

So stoked!

I still remember how it felt the first time I saw them walk on stage two years ago.

I still remember how it felt the first time I saw them walk on stage two years ago.

Brand New UK tour 2012.

Can anyone remember what time the shows finished last time they were in the UK? (in 2012)

I’ve just booked my trains for their Leeds date this year and I have a feeling I’ll have to leave early :(

I booked the latest train back possible, but it means I’ll have to leave the Academy at 22:50 latest

'Excited' is an understatement.

Now I just need to work out how to get to Leeds and back…

'Excited' is an understatement.

Now I just need to work out how to get to Leeds and back…

Slam Dunk 2014

Slam Dunk Festival has been the best part of my year for the last three years, so naturally I’m over excited about the 2014 line up.

I’ve been compiling a list of bands who I suspect will be playing the upcoming Slam Dunk Festival and I thought I’d share it and see if anyone had picked up any other bands that could be added to the list. 

In order of likeliness:

Real Friends very very likely
- I spoke to one of the guys after their gig in Newcastle and he basically slipped up and said that they’d be back in the UK in May to play Slam Dunk along with a new full length.

La Dispute very likely
- they are on a UK tour in May that finishes a few days before Slam Dunk.

The Wonder Years, State Champs & A Loss For Words likely
- again, they are all on a UK tour together in May that finishes a week before Slam Dunk.

Panic! At the Disco long shot
on a UK tour in May that finishes a couple of weeks before Slam Dunk.

Brand New even longer shot
- on a UK tour a month before Slam Dunk. Yet to add more dates though.

I want to be a part of this again.

Brand New | Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don’t

My First: Brand New edition.

2006 The Devil & God Are Raging Inside Me

For Christmas 2006 my older brother bought me Devil & God as a present. I’d never heard of Brand New before and at the time I was more into Indie music. I checked out a few of the tracks and thought it sounded rubbish, so I traded it in for an NME Essentials compilation. Like I said, I was a bit of an indie fag back then.

2007 Deja Entendu

Time went by and I forgot about Brand New until one day Sic Transit Gloria was played on TV and even though I wasn’t hugely impressed, I searched for it on YouTube later and watched it a few times until I was hooked. I downloaded the whole album and got really into it.

2008 Your Favourite Weapon

I felt kinda bad not paying for Deja Entendu so I went into HMV to buy a physical copy it and it came in a set with YFW. Again, fell in love with it. They quickly became my two most played albums and to this day I still rank them up there with the best I’ve ever heard.

2008 The Devil & God Are Raging Inside Me

So yeah, despite this being the first Brand New album I ever heard, it took me 2 years to finally buy it and listen to it properly. It wasn’t till around 2009-ish that I started to appreciate this album properly, but I now rank it as an equal to YFW & Deja.

2009 Daisy

This was the first Brand New album to come out while I was a fan and by September 2009, I was a HUGE fan. The girl I was seeing at the time bought it for me for my 19th Birthday, which was 3 days after the album came out. I was forbidden to listen to it on Spotify in those 3 days prior to my birthday although… I had found a torrent for it about a month before it came out, so the first time I listened to Daisy was on a beach in the South of France. Perfection. BUT, obviously I couldn’t tell my girlfriend I’d broken a promise and kinda lied to her. So as far as she’s aware, the first time I heard Daisy was on my 19th birthday while we participated in Birthday sex. To this day I still think listening to it for the first time on a beautiful beach in the South of France was better than listening to it during sex. Just sayin’

2011 Fght ff Yr Dmns

Two years later I discovered the Devil & God b-sides.

2013 New album

I’m being hopeful.

New albums in 2013



The Story So Far

The Wonder Years


Tiger’s Jaw

Balance and Composure

Into It. Over It.

State Champs

A Loss for Words


Brand New

I think it will be a pretty good year

And Nai Harvest! And everything else coming out on Run For Cover. This year is gonna rule for music. 

Brand New have an album coming out this year?? How come I can’t find any information on this??

(Source: keithxedge)

My set list on Wednesday night:

I’ve got videos and audio tracks of each song, so please give them a listen and let me know what you think!

  1. Four Winds, Bright Eyes cover. YouTube. SoundCloud.
  2. These Chemicals Fight. YouTube. SoundCloud.
  3. Hands Down, Dashboard Confessional cover. YouTube. SoundCloud.
  4. Forever Isn’t Always. YouTube.
  5. Call Me Maybe, Carly Rae cover. YouTube.
  6. Bigmouth Strikes Again, The Smiths cover. YouTube.
  7. home is where the hate is. YouTube.
  8. Guernica, Brand New cover. YouTube.

Title | Guernica (Brand New cover)

~ performed live at The Hop, Sheffield. 22/08/2012.

Possible set list for tomorrow night:

The tracks that aren’t listed as covers are my own material. The Dashboard Confessional cover may be switched with either Roll Out the Barrel (Milburn cover) or Sexy In Latin (Little Man Tate cover) as I am supporting an Indie/Rock band.I’ll most likely be sticking with Dashboard though.
I have recordings of a few of those tracks and you can click on the links to hear them.