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Ermergerd this whole album is perffff.

"I only miss you late at night when I can’t sleep"

My Slam Dunk 2014:

This year is the first time I’ve ever had clash-issues at Slam Dunk Festival, so it has been painful working out who to watch!

I think I’ve worked out a list that I’ll be happiest with though:

13:55-14:25 Light You Up
14:45-15:15 Modern Baseball

15:25-15:55 Decade
16:15-16:45 Gnarwolves

17:25-18:00 State Champs

18:00-18:45 Motion City Soundtrack

19:25-19:40 Real Friends (partial set)

19:45-20:30 You, Me & Everyone We Know

20:35-20:55 The Ataris (partial set)

21:30-22:45 The-All American Rejects

Damn :( my two essential bands cross over!

So if I want to make the whole You, Me & Everyone We Know set I can only catch ten minutes of Real Friends. Super lame.

The Wonder Years, State Champs, A Loss For Words.

I just bought my ticket for the Sheffield date :D now I just need to find a way to get to a Real Friends and La Dispute gig!

Slam Dunk 2014

Slam Dunk Festival has been the best part of my year for the last three years, so naturally I’m over excited about the 2014 line up.

I’ve been compiling a list of bands who I suspect will be playing the upcoming Slam Dunk Festival and I thought I’d share it and see if anyone had picked up any other bands that could be added to the list. 

In order of likeliness:

Real Friends very very likely
- I spoke to one of the guys after their gig in Newcastle and he basically slipped up and said that they’d be back in the UK in May to play Slam Dunk along with a new full length.

La Dispute very likely
- they are on a UK tour in May that finishes a few days before Slam Dunk.

The Wonder Years, State Champs & A Loss For Words likely
- again, they are all on a UK tour together in May that finishes a week before Slam Dunk.

Panic! At the Disco long shot
on a UK tour in May that finishes a couple of weeks before Slam Dunk.

Brand New even longer shot
- on a UK tour a month before Slam Dunk. Yet to add more dates though.

Pizza then Real Friends.

I accidentally Pop-Punk’d by mistake.

Anyone going to Think Tank in Newcastle tonight to see TWY/RF, feel free to say hi. I want to meet more people from up here that are into Pop Punk! I’ll be in a grey Seahaven tee and black rimmed glasses.

NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Real Friends - I Had A Heart (from Punk Goes Christmas)

I Had A Heart.

The new Christmas song by Real Friends is probably the best Christmas song I’ve ever heard! It somehow managed to beat Christmas at 22, Decemberism AND Weak Man Weak Boy (Christmas version), and you know… and all the actual Christmas classics that somehow manage to feel overplayed after one listen.

I’m trying this new thing where I buy CD’s.

I’ve used Spotify for almost three years now and so i haven’t been buying CD’s. But going through my old CD collection has reminded me how much better it is the have the physical copy of something. CD’s that I loved five years ago are still here in my room. But because I’ve used Spotify for so long it means that when I look back in a few years time there isn’t any physical evidence of the bands that helped me through University.

The reason I chose Spotify over CD’s three years ago is because I’d spend £10 on a CD, think it was rubbish and then be pretty annoyed I wasted my money. So I figured now I’d listen to albums on Spotify, and if I like them I’ll buy it on CD. 

I’ve started off buy ordering Put Yourself Back Together (Real Friends), Saves The Day (S/T) and I also pre-ordered The Finer Things (State Champs) because… well it’s clearly going to be amazing.