I shouldn’t have dismissed this album so fast, I love this song!

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Slam Dunk 2012

Today has been incredible! Looking forward to sorting through and editing all my photos tomorrow :) 

Caught Tony Thaxtons drum stick after Motion City Soundtrack, met Shane Henderson, who didn’t get my joke and thought I’d insulted him, awkward… we worked things out though :p also met Joe from Transit again and Matt from Set Your Goals for the first time which was pretty sweet :)

Into it, Over it was an amazing surprise. I had no idea what to expect but I was blown away by his set. Incredible guitarist and awesome songs :)

Say Anything played, as I expected, a great set and I even saw a guy cry when they came on. I’m assuming with happiness :p I met a lass before their set who shared the same passion I have for Max Bemis and the Say Anythings which was cool. Never met a SA fan before.

Lower Than Atlantis were, erm… poor. 

Taking Back Sunday weren’t as amazing as I’d hoped. Adam was a mental twat and was far too full of himself. When he came up to the barriers near me, people were grabbing at him and I thought to myself 'do you really wanna touch that??' Sound quality for main stage was pretty poor throughout the day, so I guess that wasn’t TBS’s fault.

Hope I can go back again next year!

when Mixtapes got announced I couldn’t not get a ticket!!

when Mixtapes got announced I couldn’t not get a ticket!!

Set Your Goals / Mixtapes - Rock City

I can’t buy my ticket til mid-July because of reasons :( it’s in the Rock City basement apparently which I’m assuming is a smaller venue so I’m worried it will sell out before I can get my ticket :(

FAO my lovely followers :)

I’ve just made a new Pop Punk blog called ‘Pop Punk of the Day’.

I will be featuring a new band every day and posting videos, info and links etc. The idea behind the blog is to help people discover new music in the incredible genre that is Pop Punk. Todays first featured band is The Dangerous Summer.

If it gets enough interest, I intend to use Mondays to promote usigned bands. The idea is that people will message me info, links etc. about their unsigned band and I’d feature a few new bands every Monday. If you want your band, or your mates band (get permission first) featured then don’t hesitate to message me.

If you’re interested in discovering new music please follow the blog and spread the word!!

Please note that when I say Pop Punk, I mean bands like The Wonder Years, Man Overboard etc. not All Time Low :p