I recently finished University and moved back home whilst I look for work. Now, for the first time in my life, I have no idea what lies ahead of me. So here’s a song about stuff and things.


"I don’t need a rhetoric symphony,
I spent my life making wishes and hoping that they’re not dreams”

Ever So Sweet | The Early November (cover)

I recorded a garageband cover of Ever So Sweet yesterday. I thought it would be a pretty good opportunity to practise the higher notes (vocals). Let me know what you think!

Title | Echo

I thought I’d try something a bit different, so my new song is heavily influenced by my love for La Dispute. Please check it out!

There was an echo to my footsteps, like the hallways were alive.
Or something far too close behind me, just a fraction off my stride.
I felt a breeze roll in and kiss my skin, it whispered to me fly.
So as I reached the point of no return I fell into the sky.

There was a flash of light, a rush of blood and thoughts I had forgot.
I brushed her hair behind her ears and smiled at the years I’d lost.
Always the past tense, never future. Always missing, always lost
inside a catacomb of bed sheets, dead roses and wasted love.

Forever searching, never satisfied, a blur of sweet regret.
Not brave enough to fight the storm, but dumb enough to still get wet.
Dismissed the church that brought me up, denied the girls I actually liked
There’s just too much risk in placing my faith just to feel satisfied.

I’ve spilt my guts in drafts of poetry on love and art and sex.
I’ve given everything I have, but landed far from at my best.
There is no frame around my canvas, I bleed fast into the seams.
I am the love you lost, the friend you watched become a memory.

I wrote a new song. It’s about being a student. Jk. It’s about a girl.


Title | Context (and line weights)

It’s all about the context, context
it’s killing me now
i never thought I’d be with anyone
of who I’d be proud
to call mine, in an emotional sense
but then the should’a, could’a, would’a went and fucked with my head

and it was, only in the back of my mind,
where the context and line weights were leaving me blind
I thought I’d given everything that I had in this life,
but the one thing you wanted, was other guys 

and it was only, only,
a break in my heart
I put the pieces back together
but they’ll ‘ever be scars.
Reminders of the things that you said,
and how the should’a, could’a, would’a went a fucked with my head.

and I was, lonely all alone in my room
where music and games were the life of the tomb.
I thought I’d found an escape, an artificial disguise.
but they were just the foundations I’d built over the lies

Today I covered Real Friends. I should probably get back to doing Uni work now..

I wrote a Christmas song! (kinda…)

Title Eye of the Storm (Happy Holidays)

I’ve got to strum to keep my hands warm, they’re numb at the tips.
I’ve got sing to get my voice heard when I’m upset.
I find it funny that I’m never ever gonna get signed
when there are bands that sold out with out writing their own lines.

These four walls, they may stand tall, but they leak at the seems,
who needs a fridge when single-glazing makes the whole house freezing.
I’m getting tired from my workload, but it’s too cold to sleep
I try best wrapped in my duvet and a Real Friends hoodie.

Every December, in the eye of the storm.
We hum along to pop songs that make the winter feel warm.
It’s an age old tradition from a book we don’t believe
So Happy Holidays.

We’re making Mulled Wine on the stove, it’ll warm up our hands
Watching films that I see every year, with my best friends.
Christmas stockings on the fire place, cos they make me feel home,
got a train booked for the morning, I won’t spend this year alone.

I recorded a new song today, I don’t have a title for it yet so I’m just referring to it as ‘Dreams of Growing Up’ at the moment.

Despite living with the best intentions,
I can give off the worst impressions.
Lack of charm and a hair recession,
not to forget I make the worst decisions

I self-sabotage every chance I get,
if I haven’t upset you then we haven’t met.
Don’t do it on purpose but I always find,
even pretty ass girls have flaws inside. 

Dreams of growing up are getting old
and I can’t find an excuse I haven’t already told.
But this is my reaction, this is who I seem to be.
I want to let you in, but I keep pushing you away. 

Am I too self-absorbed to even care?
Its been too long since she was here
and played the hand they made me notice,
being in love is fuckin’ useless.

is it just her, or are all girls like this?
aesthetically pleasing but boring as bliss.
Maybe if I just gave someone a chance,
I could find a bootleg romance” 

Title | Living Room Song (The Wonder Years cover)

if you have any time, please check out my cover of Living Room Song by The Wonder Years. Thanks!

"we wait for mistakes, cos the best things in life they never stay"

In August 2011 my band recorded an EP which ended up being terribly mixed and nothing much came of it. I don’t want it to go completely to waste, so here’s 48 seconds of my favourite track on the EP, Not Me.

"you don’t look at me like you used to.
I know all your lies cos you’re see-through.
These scarred words read ‘I love you’ no more.

These memories are fading,
your touch I’m not longer craving.
It’s you I’ll always be blaming, not me” 

New Lyrics #10

I’ve had serious writers block for the last few months so I’m trying to break through it with the work I’m putting into this new song!

At the moment I have a dozen different verses for it all based around the track name ‘Angst’. Most of the verses are about completely different things so they wouldn’t really fit in the same song unless the Chorus I wrote worked them together.

Here are some of them:

It’s the “I don’t wanna waste these lines

about the worst parts of my life”

or about a girl that I once had sex with

or the ones that dress down just to get your attention

Forget the “broken hearts, what ifs and what aints’

I guess my life’s pretty dull and I’m just living in wait.

to Pop-Punk bands that all sound the same

where there’s no such thing as an original name.

The ovens bust and my fridge is a freezer

the internets down and my lights cause seizures

Lifes goes on and I’ll live with a smile

but anyone that knows me knows I live in denial.

In every essay I’ll blag every word

and then every semester it ends with a Third.

but this time I swear it’s gonna be different

and on deadline day, it’s a non-submission.


By being different, you’re exactly the same.

You’re the next ‘big hipster’, the hypocrites aim.

“You should check this band, they’re the next big hit”

and as soon as they are you don’t like them a bit.

I like your shirt, I’ll buy exactly the same

that’s a good set of speakers, I’ll get the upgrade.

I’ll buy a second hand bike just to say who’s it was,

I might act too nice, but this kittens got claws.

That last one was about a friend of mine, so it probably won’t go in the song :p

Title | Guernica (Brand New cover)

~ performed live at The Hop, Sheffield. 22/08/2012.

Title | Four Winds (Bright Eyes cover)

~ live at The Hop, Sheffield. 22/08/2012

~ There aren’t enough showers in the world to wash this cover off me.